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Setting REALISTIC goals

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you all have had a great start to the week. If you are already feeling overwhelmed, maybe this post will explain why.

Are you setting yourself unrealistic goals?

I am guilty of doing this, especially when it comes to Blackspace. I often jot down all my ideas, big or small, and feel slightly overwhelmed at the end of it all. This is because I know I would like to achieve big things in a relatively short space of time.

Now don’t get me wrong, power of the tongue, speaking things into existence, she believed she could and she did are all very powerful quotes/ statements to live by, however it can be very easy to get carried away.

As someone who could be labelled as a “cReAtiVe” I struggle with the overflow of ideas that often bounce around in my head at ridiculous times. These ideas are thrilling and yet when it comes to executing them, all that excitement has worn off.


Because sometimes they’re just not realistic.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big (in fact I encourage it) however sometimes you really need to see these things for what they are.

Big dreams.

The things that I wanted Blackspace to achieve this year were huge, not impossible, but huge. As the months went on and life hit, the goals seemed to stretch further and further away. Naturally this got me down as I had worked myself up into believing that if I didn’t achieve these things by the end of the year, ultimately I was a failure.

Last week I approached one of my friends spewing all the ideas that I had for Blackspace in an attempt to salvage my “end of year goals”. My friend very gently shut me down and said:

“But you haven’t even stayed consistent, don’t you think you should work on that first?”


Sometimes we need that wake up call, thankfully mine came from my best friend. She was not trying to trample or downplay my future goals but she was bringing me back to earth. Truth is, I had not stayed consistent and struggled to keep up with Blackspace activity as it was now. Why add more to my load?

I believe that we are all guilty of having those moments where we want to look like we are doing a bunch of great things. Yet in that process we are stressed out, not eating properly, not sleeping well and spending less time with our loved ones. All for that satisfaction of knowing that we stay “booked and busy.”

I’m sure many of you have heard of a SMART goal, but if not, allow me to break it down.





Timely or time bound


  • One thing that will change those big dreams into smaller, more achievable ones is if they are specific. Ambiguous goals serve no purpose. Break down your goals into the 5 W’s

  1. Who is involved in this goal?

  2. What do I want to accomplish?

  3. Where is this goal to be achieved?

  4. When do I want to achieve this goal?

  5. Why do I want to achieve this goal?


  • How will you know if you have achieved your goal if you have not put measurable indicators in place? Ask yourself these following questions:

  1. How many/much?

  2. How do I know if I have reached my goal?

  3. What is my indicator of progress?

  4. Have others noticed what I am doing?


  • Don’t set yourself up to fail kids. Do you have the resources/ tools to achieve the goal you have set?


  • This goes back to the title of the post. Are your goals within reach?

A new business aiming to have 10 thousand followers on their social media pages within the first month is a bit of a stretch. I’m not saying it is not achievable but is it realistic? Definitely not.

Timely or time bound

  • Have you put a deadline in place?

You should.

Having a goal float about without any time measurements will result in you pushing back that goal. Months maybe even years down the line and you still haven’t achieved your goal? Ask yourself why.

All in all, it is about knowing yourself. Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses, knowing when to stop and take a breather and when to work harder.

Your goals should be fun! They shouldn’t overwhelm you nor should they have you up all night stressing.

We forget that the process/ journey should be fun too!

What are some of your SMART goals?

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