• Jay

Missing in action...

Hello all, it’s been a very long time, longer than I expected.

The last time I posted any sort of content on this site was May 21st (as I said, much longer than I expected)

I could sit here and tell you all that I was working on bigger and better things for the Blackspace, however I’m not a liar. I was going through it and I had to get myself all the way together.

Life hit. I graduated (bittersweet), got a grad job, left that grad job, got scammed and experienced some uncomfortable changes in my life. I felt so far removed from my own brand I decided to give myself an (unofficial) break. I didn't want to announce the break and draw attention to it so I just slipped away quietly.

I also turned 22!

May be a bit cliche to say, but the growth I have experienced within the past few months has been great. I had to go through some things first but I can say that I’m (slowly) getting over it.

I had to be patient with myself and give myself time.

Time is something that I will be mentioning throughout this post because it was something that I was really fighting with.

This summer was one of the worst summers yet, it was really a sad girl summer! I was really crying in the clerbs throughout the months of July/ August. It was only in September (virgo szn! All your favs are born in September btw) that I felt like me again. It was all through timing and being patient with myself.

Looking into who you are as a person is also a gruelling experience. This year I hurt a few people, and I had to come to terms with that. Sometimes you’re really not everybody’s fave person. I had to accept the fact that I made a few mistakes and all I could do was learn from them (these were the times I was crying in the clerbs btw)

I graduated in July and as mentioned it was such a bittersweet time for me. I never thought I would get through university. I didn’t have the best experience and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Once that graduation cap was on however I felt incredibly overwhelmed, I guess I hadn’t put much thought into what happened after the graduation. I knew I would have to get a “real-life” job but I had no clue how. If you read my previous post “I've finished university and I'm still stressed?” you’ll know I was interning somewhere big and yet here I am jobless (aha ha)

I shouldn’t say jobless because that’s not my destiny, but boy the graduate blues are hitting! (Blog post on that soon!)

Timing is everything, especially God’s timing. You have to learn to exercise patience. You also have to learn to be kinder to yourself.

But that's enough about me! Blackspace is very much alive, she just needed to

recollect, refocus and rejuvenate. Blackspace also needs a whole new look and feel. It will be our first year anniversary this month and we're hoping to celebrate the right way.

Hope you missed us and stay tuned for some new content!

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