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Samara Abigail

I’m Samara and I created as a birthday present to myself.


While I’m still a newbie to blogs of any kind, this is my attempt at my little blog.


Documenting all things lifestyle (well, whatever interests me, and you of course), travelling, hair care (since I got lazy and cut all mine off), food (an integral part of my being), and the occasional beauty/skin care routine. Essentially, you’ll be reading about me ‘living my best life’, with a student budget.


Hopefully I can show you all a bit of me, while I learn about the rest of me.


Join me as I share my adventures.

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Since I was little I have always had a passion for fashion (IKR cheesy) and the desire for creative writing or writing in general. I was always drawing dresses/gowns and reading loads of books as a child (need to get back to reading lol). The emergence of two passions inspired me to create a fashion blog.


Amongst all of these things, I am aspiring journalist and working towards becoming a fashion editor.

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“Take a moment with me, M, as I take you on this musical journey with my own personal thoughts on albums

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Astrology-tea made easy to digest and tasty to indulge.

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I’m Shay and developed from me wanting to share my mental health story after finishing my Final Major Project at University. It was my pre-real world outlet and still is because two years on and I still haven’t conquered ‘adulting’ and made it to full-time employment. 


So hi, I’m self-employed and that does not mean I sit at home drinking tea all day, well it does but I also do a lot of different jobs and like my life, my income is all over the place. I wouldn’t want it any other way (do not quote me on this).


Today on a you will find lifestyle topics, restaurants to spend your money at in London, places to visit, lots of fashion and products I’m loving mixed in with blog and relationship advice (take at your own risk).

In the words of Shay

Memoirs with Chidinma

Summer of 2017 I had a strong impression on my heart to start a blog, so by September of 2017 MWC (Memoirs with Chidinma) was born. I hadn't realised until that point that I actually loved writing, and that I had been doing so for years through my many journals. I have always expressed myself best through my writing and now I'm able to speak about my own journey through life and speak to people that are also on a similar journey.

I try to be as down to earth and transparent as possible about my faith, academic journey and lifestyle topics that affect me and others. MWC is for anyone and everyone, the young, the old, male and female, the aim of MWC is to be a voice to show that people aren't alone in what they go through. I always want God to empower people and speak to people's inner man through my posts.

In the words of Chidinma

Tasnim Tayo

Hi, I’m Tasnim & I have many dreams & aspirations.


I’m a student & love to learn. I have always loved to write, I feel that there’s something so beautiful & powerful about the essence of words.

I feel like writing sometimes is self therapy & reflecting over things can be so comforting. I felt like a blog was a perfect place for me to not only express myself but help, inspire and entertain others too.  

My interests vary from fashion and drawing to reading, science & more.

I’m no life expert and nor am I perfect but with this blog, I would like to share my adventures, thoughts & experiences with you. I am also a big advocate for female empowerment & I personally feel that building & growing this movement is very important for the evolution of our society. Racial equality is very important to me too. I also want to touch on things such as education & book recommendations. I aim to spread positivity and love.

I also want this blog to feel like your home, come in and make yourself comfortable & thank you for stopping by!

In the words of Tasnim 


As a university student, I feel like nothing has prepared me for this part of my life. Sixth form didn’t actually prep me at all for this roller coaster. University is a challenge in every aspect and I feel like, by creating this blog I could help at least one person over come the possible problems they could face during their years at uni.

I literally wanna talk about everything! From surviving freshers week and financial issues, mental health, beauty and hair to surviving deadlines and drama. I’d also like to connect with other struggling uni students hear your stories, experiences and tips because, me Nanette? i’m still here struggle living.

Hopefully, this blog will answer any questions you have before starting uni or help you find the solution to a problem your facing throughout your time at uni.

“Take on risks and ride the journey called life with no regrets”

In the words of Nanette

My Two Pence

Post-salvation has not been an easy walk, I am still in a body of sin and I have struggled with this reality a lot

I am writing this blog for all people to read but if it is not obvious already, I have a special affection for my fellow introspective people. Those who can easily fall into spiritual depression, who spend their days cherry picking every action they do and feel an urge/temptation to fall into a state of self-pity. I pray this blog gives you hope, some type of peace knowing you are not the only one dealing with this problem and strength to continue to fight the fight.

In the words of Deborah Nwankwo

Quite Frankly

Welcome to "Quite Frankly", I'm your blogger, Frankie. 

In 2018, I decided to work on bettering myself and finding things that make me happy. I thought I could share this journey with whoever cared to follow it. 

I post every Sunday but until then, check out my FAQ's for more.


I hope you enjoy your stay at "Quite Frankly". 

If you're looking for some new music, you can also check out my monthly Spotify playlists in the "playlists" tab. 

with love,



In the words of Frankie 


Sex, relationships, advice and more

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