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Welcome to the Blackspace

The Blackspace is an online platform celebrating black female creatives, brands and business owners.

Having known that I wanted to work in the media industry for years, it was a bit unnerving growing up and seeing the same whitewashed faces on TV, no one that looked like me. This however did not stop me from pursuing a career in the media industry, in fact it pushed me further to make my mark. I believe that the media industry has changed for the better as now at the age of 21 I have seen a dramatic improvement in the usage of black females in the media. I would love to say that it is common to see a black girl on the front cover of a magazine or even hosting a television programme, unfortunately we're just not there...YET.

My website is a platform for black women. The Blackspace is here to show everyone that everybody gets a seat at the table. No longer will you have to type in the search bar on Google "Black British bloggers" or "Black British youtubers" they're all here doing their thing. Think of the Blackspace as a creative directory or a black girl yellow pages if you will.

I believe that's enough talking from me. I'll let the website speak for itself. Please enjoy the wonders of beautiful, black go-getters.